AI is here to stay.  
We help with AI Integration.

OpenAI’s language model GPT will affect +47% of all business tasks. We help you with consulting and development to make this an opportunity and not a risk.


How we help

See which type of challenges could be solved by AI or Automation and get a production ready application built & deployed with ongoing support and training for your team.

AI Product Consultation

  • Discover your use cases
  • Train your Team
  • GDPR conform integration

AI / ML Product Development

  • Apps (MVP / PoC) development
  • GPT Fine-Tuning on your data
  • GPT Integration / Agents development

Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

  • Chatbot development
  • Q&A on your own data
  • Knowledge retrieval


  • Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR, Finance, Customer Service workflow automations with no-code
  • Browser task automations (more powerful IFTTT)

Natural Language Processing

  • Text annotation
  • Data Extraction
  • Sentiment analysis

AI Marketing

  • Social Media Content
  • Copywriting & Emails
  • Content & Creatives Generation

How can your team benefit from AI?

See how AI & Automation save your team time on repetitive tasks to focus more on mission-critical work.

Customer Service

Context-sensitive chatbots that actually help. Transform customer requests into structured data (e.g. an email change request) that after a human approval gets automatically executed in existing internal tools.


GPT can write customized sales emails/messages based on LinkedIn/Website data for higher conversion rates. Use GPT to better pre-qualify leads for a more effective usage of your time. Bots can help with a smoothen customer onboarding for lower churn.


(Semi)-automize your full social media campaign from content ideation to fully scheduled content plan. Use GPT to generate marketing content for CRM, SEO and PPC campaigns. Extract instantly insights from your data by using natural language.


Let non-technical team members write data queries/analysis in natural language instead of SQL to get results instantly, instead of opening a ticket for the data team. Transform text data in documents and spreadsheet into structured data.


Let GPT be your personal assistant to collect missing details by email (e.g. invoices). Automatically extract data from PDFs like invoices. Create instant reports based on natural language instead using the data team.

HR / Recruiting

Actual smart chatbot that can answer employee questions based on your existing knowledge base to accelerate onboarding. Use GPT for time critical processing of applications by atomically matching CVs/LinkedIn profile details with the requirements of the position.

Your roadmap for success


Initial Consultation and Scoping

The first step is to understand your challenges and goals. We'll interview key stakeholders, conduct workshops, audit current workflows, data and infrastructure, to identify areas where AI and Automation can add value, as well as discuss the desired outcomes.


Solution Design and Planning

At this stage we will propose a customised solution. The output of this step include a detailed strategy plan, outlining the technical specifications, timeline, resources required, wireframes, milestones and projected ROI of the project.
You will be closely involved in reviewing and approving this plan.


Development and Integration

Depends on the project, we build the Proof of Concept (PoC). After it's approved we will then begin the development / integration process. The process is strictly Agile, which means the project will be divided into sprints with specific deliverables and ensure that you always know the current status of your project.


Testing, Deployment, and ongoing Support

After development, testing is conducted to ensure the solution performs as expected and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. After the solution is deployed based on your requirements, we provide training and support to get your team up-to-speed.

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